Cube Draft #26

Alex Stephenson
Alex drafts Junk ramp.


Hei Alex, really like your videos. I hope you don't get discouraged by this one unfortunate draft. What i want to say is, that you really shouldn't take it personally, when someone says, that he doesnt like your mono red cube drafts. I say, that when you have fun drafting it and you are doing fine, then by all means keep doing that :) I for exampe love to watch your fast red burn decks. After watching couple of your videos i tried it myself and did really well. I used to draft blue based control decks - they were fun to play, but rarely i won a draft with them. Then i tried it your way - took all he burn and some fast creatures and voila, fast 6-0. One can argue, that mono red is not that fun as blue control, but i say that winning is the most fun thing about the cube :) Anyway, i have to thank you to intoducing me to winning strategy in a cube and i hope you continue doing some cube drafts in a future. It doesnt matter for me if you first pick Cryptic Command or Goblin Guide :)

Thank you for the comments :)

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