Khans of Tarkir Draft #16

Alex Stephenson
Alex drafts Sultai midrange.


Morphs are revealed in paper magic. Otherwise someone could play lands or something else face down as morphs. In Online that is not possible, but it is good that these things are similar in both.

And thanks for the nice content. Really like to watch these drafts to learn to be better player.


Alex- I know how frustrating Khans has been for you, and it started out that way for me as well. In this draft, you undervalued a couple of cards. First, Master of the Way is ANYTHING but slow; it's a clock. Second, Crippling chill is insane at times. Lastly, you passed over some cheap flyers for fixing. Normally I'm a huge fan of grabbing fixing early, but never over cheap flyers in your main color. I know how much you enjoy aggro... In this format, cheap flyers are aggro.

Not sure I agree with this. I mean if you don't have the right mana you can't play the cheap fliers. Nor are they likely to be enough on their own to win you the match. Even if you can manage the cheap fliers but quickly get mana screwed when hoping to play later cards then its not worth it.

I'd take some bombs over mana fixing but not sure that just some basic cheap fliers are enough.

I was surprised about how good the Dreadmaw was in your deck. I think that the Dreadmaw is usually pretty bad especially in Khans as it seems like the format just sucks up all the mana (making the Dreadmaw, usually, a 4/4 Defender for 5. Still in this specific deck...well maybe. It seemed like your strategy was going to be to win later in the match with an assortment of fliers so defensive creatures to hold the ground and keep you alive seems like a plan.

In match 3 game 1, couldn't you have taken the tapland from the dig through time and(hopefully) lived through the following turn thanks to the life gain?

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