Magic Origins Draft #20

Alex Stephenson
Alex drafts Rock value.


With his act of treasons killing the husks are the number 1 mission. Should have done weight or hunger on the first, then the other on the remaining husk. Sure you take some hits but every other creature this guy played was terrible, except the guy who prevents blocks, where again your blocker does nothing.

I hunger husk on my turn, I pass I take 5. I weight of the underworld the 2nd one the following turn, I pass and take at least 3. So, I take at least 8 over two turns with that line of play solely to play around act of treason and with no consideration to follow up creatures he could have played in those two turns. I don't think that's the better line. Once I've taken care of the husks, then I play Naturalist, he still gets to act it and smash for 7. Then he gets to play the bloodsucker

I have to agree with Tim here. Killing Husks are of utmost importance. If they die his act of treasons become less good. Also I like playing hangarback first in that scenario. If he takes it then hes left with a thopter which you can kill with naturalists. Then he doenst have great attacks into it.

He gets to sac the hangarback and the thopter, smash for 11, then he would have followed up with a Rabid Bloodsucker 1-2 turns later. I disagree that a line of play that includes you at a minimum taking 8 points of damage, with no good play to defend against additional creature plays over those two turns all under the assumption that he has act of treason is a better line than forcing your opponent to have act of treason

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