Modern Masters 2017 Draft #9

Alex Stephenson
Sunday, April 9, 2017 - 15:30
Alex drafts Esper blink.


Regarding Momentary Blink or Mist Raven, I think you should generally lean toward the payoff rather than the enabler. Think of it this way; Mist Raven will always be one of your best cards regardless if your blink deck comes together, while Momentary Blink likely won't even make your deck if you don't get the synergies going.

I also don't agree that you are supposed to force esper blink in this format (as you did) considering that draft is self correcting to a large degree.

I see what you're saying on payoff vs enabler, but I would say it's also dependent on what the current count of payoffs and enablers is in your deck at the time. What do you mean by that draft is self correcting?

Of course, but at that stage you only had a sensor splicer and grixis slavedriver as payoffs. Draft is self correcting in the sense that a perceived good archetype or color combination becomes less good once the perception is commonly shared, as it becomes over drafted, and vice versa is true as well. Nevertheless, you won your league and I enjoy your content (been regularly visiting the page for over a year now).

I see. Thanks for your criticism David!

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