M14 Draft #3

Alex Stephenson & Jake Faas
Sunday, July 28, 2013 - 19:30
Alex and Jake get their Gruul on


I don't think Verdant Haven is very good in this deck, mainly because you have 1 card at 5. I understand the mana fixing, but a 2 color deck... I know your last draft video you got island screwed a couple times, but I still don't think you play Haven. But, I haven't watched the matches, yet.

I'm not sure yet about how good Verdant Haven or the Darksteel Ingot is. I'm curious how realistic or viable 3+ color decks may be.

Don't play three Academy Raiders. Questionable to even play one :/.

Correction, *more than one. At least in the main, yeah?

I fully admit to overvaluing Academy Raider. It's got tons of variance. It's really good against non-red, but dreadful against any red.

I can't believe you passed up on so many Rootwallas. That card is a beast, and you needed more lower-costed creatures anyway.

verdun haven played out pretty well in your draft. i think they reprinted it so early because it was nearly unplayable in GTC due to tempo. although this enviroment still seems to be explosive, its slow enough for haven to shine. the 2 life were often ver relevant for race psychology and results. i disagree for the opinion verdun haven was a bad inclusion. this deck often wants to play 4 mana creatures while keeping shock/growth up or needs more mana for hydra and geysyr. i am more confident in picking it for slower agressive gw/gr decks.

3 mana decks:
i really feel, beside really important splashes, 3 colour doesnt have a friendly enviroment here. although you have access to 3 more or less good fixers (haven, grotto and ingot) there isnt a viable strategy worth taking this risk. in my opinion most synergies exist in two colour decks (like lifegain in BW/GW, or treason sacrefice in BR etc.) most real bombs have a double mana costs committing you strongly in one colour killing any real 3 colour, and naya sliver(which the fixing is ment for i think) is the biggest trap i saw for a while. considering this is a coreset and having read the new world order article on the mothership i truly feel they designed it in the their right way without any 3+ colour shananigens. also we just came from a colour carneval set so coming back to more core deckbuilding set seems legit.

looter:imho this thing looks interesting while being the worst looter i saw in my not soo long career (playing since m12). its like an prototype of future card to cautiosly appraoch the hybrids of ,,functional" 1/1s. we had the no drawback rampinger druid and now we have the "kinda" lootinger raider with high variance drawback. discard first is the thin that crossed the line of being bad a bad card. in addition of intimidate as one of the worst evasions you and up having no guarantee of ping and no guaranteed value of the loot. thats more like a 23th card than nice side value of filtering. i would really wish they would have reprinted the lootgob and the intimidate boar instead of that pseudo lootinger(the real one will come for sure) and the terrible terrible overcosted cyclops thats additionally blind to weenees. @ common we also have the problem of alot more kinda dead cards for red and a gap in the evasion and filter requirements red surely needs and should have in coresets. but i wont blame you for testing it and provide us all with this valueable free expierence. thx alot! kinda disappointed Channel fireball and MGTO academy doenst have their m14 stuff up. will keep being your follower here. nice draft style. keep up the good work!

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