M13 Draft #9

Alex Stephenson
Tuesday, August 14, 2012 - 17:30


Alex tries his hand at R/B, with the help of some huge bombs.


I feel for you dude. I played against a guy who almost timed out before we even began. Started after wasting 8 minutes or so. Then he went on and took forever to play. Really didn't think I could lose when he had less than 2 minutes for the last game, but, like you, I somehow lost with 1 second less. It's one thing to lose, but to lose to someone who wasted time from the beginning and should have lost is just heartbreaking.

you should not of scooped the 2nd game. It would of ran another min or so off the clock. I know it sucks winning that way but an 8-4 you take what you can get

I scooped to the Sands of Delirium because I didn't want him to be able to see my entire deck. If I could go back with the knowledge that he beat me with less than a second to spare, I would have played it out.

I agree with lordlipp. I never scoop because you never know when the game will come down to time. It's rare, but in this case it would have helped. A win is a win. If the opponent wants to screw around and waste time, make him pay for it.

I wondered why you didn't pick up the fog bank p3p4 instead of the bladetusk boar. It would have bought you a lot of time to get into the Nicol Bolas. I also wondered if you should have boarded in a rise from the grave on your last game, to get some more semi-artifact removal from the torch fiend.
And losing your last match in his last second was heartbreaking...

Why not regenerate several times with all that mana, then activate torchfiend!!! Use your mana and place abilitries on the stack, with with him timing out, he was a prick anyways.... The bottomw line is, WIN anyway you can if your opponent is a jerk.

The above poster had an excellent idea. I didn't see it before, but regenerating and activating torch fiend would have wasted an extra couple of seconds for him. Even though usually this would be a jerk move, since the opponent made you wait the whole game, it would have been totally justified. Did you see this as an option and decide against it or not think about it? Would you think a play like that would be justified?

I didn't see it.  After the draft I was thinking about how I should have walked away from my computer right before his last declare attackers step and then come back at a random time however many minutes later and see if it screwed him up.  It might have worked.  Yeah, it probably would have been justified. 

Yeah, that's an idea too. He would have had to be sitting there staring at the screen the whole time. Probably would have worked if you kept him waiting for a few minutes. If he looked away for half a second, you would have him. Well, I can tell you one thing, I have learned that if I am ever in that situation, take every opportunity to get the win. If there are any triggered abilities or anything, use them. If they can't have the courtesy to play the game, all bets are off.

Or better yet, when playing game 3 against someone with less than 2 minutes left, make sure to side out your big mana spell like Nicol Bolas. You don't get to 8 mana very often in 2 minutes, so you don't need your big spells to win the game. Also, you could have sided out the blue mana since it was only for Bolas, so you gain in consistency.

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