M13 Draft #7

Randy Nixa
Sunday, August 12, 2012 - 23:00


Seems like your play style is too much affected by earlier losses. You play this aggressive deck way to slow and defensive. Sometimes a aggro deck is an all in strategy and when you hesitate you built up your own defeat. Not sideboarding smelt in the final might lost you the game, but you simply had no answer to the stuffy doll and the life gain. Not killing the Vampire Nighthawk that one game was also very frustrating. Letting him get like 16 life instead of killing it right away. You should rewatch this draft and learn from it. Thanks for the video though, but I have to admit I screamed at my tv and stopped the vid, cam back. Watched it, shook my head, stopped it. Then returned. :D Also happy belated birthday.

Thanks for the criticism.  I've played nothing but control in standard for the last million years.  I do have a tough time putting the game on the line in one big play.  I'll try to make adjustments and become a more competant drafter.  Thanks again =D

(*&#@$(*$#@()$#@*( Why would you take Forcemage over Bladetusk Boar when you are solid red?? 1230912874)@#!(*$#@)(*@$#@

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