M13 Draft #11

Alex Stephenson
Saturday, August 18, 2012 - 17:15


Alex gets a solid G/W pool


I know all the pro players do it, but may I ask why it's so important to play in the 8-4s? It seems to me that it would be more enjoyable to the viewer if the videos weren't over after one round. I know randy talked about how he moved back to the swiss ranks because of how frustrating losing 8-4s was. The last couple videos you have had heartbreaking losses that have cut the videos short. From your point of view, I was just curious what exactly you gain from doing 8-4s over swiss besides the possibility of more packs?

I just sort of feel like 8-4s are more consistently competitive than swiss.  You tend to get more experienced drafters, or at least more confident players, and signaling tends to work out better.  I do enjoy swiss quite a bit, but I feel like I need to do 8-4s to prove to myself that I can compete at that level.

I agree that you see more competition at the 8-4.... just start getting to the finals so we can see more matches. I play swiss when I have a few hours to play and want to be sure I get a full 3 rounds.... I play 8-4 when I want to test my skill against good players.

I hate losing to Tricks of the trade.... So much instant speed removal in this format, that card should not be as good as it is, yet I wind up losing to it so much not being able to draw my War-priest/Naturalize or even Murder/Red Burn etc. It some how always feels like I have 6 answers in my deck to that card and they are the last 6 cards in my deck.

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