Ixalan Draft - A Mammoth Challenge

Alex Stephenson
Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 15:15
Alex drafts RG dinosaurs.


Alex's Ixalan Draft Stats:

Alex has won 3 Ixalan DRAFTS out of 7 for a 42.9% win rate.

Alex has won 15 Ixalan MATCHES out of 21 for a 71.4% win rate.

Alex has won 33 Ixalan GAMES out of 50 for a 66.0% win rate.

Alex's strongest deck has been UB with 6 out of 7 games won (85.7% win rate).

Alex's weakest deck has been RW with 3 out of 7 games won (42.9% win rate).

Alex's strongest matchup is tied between UB (4/4) and UR (4/4) with a 100.0% win rate.

Alex's weakest matchup has been against BW with 0 out of 4 games won (0.0% win rate).

Let me know if there's additional stats you'd like to see.

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