Ixalan Draft Long in the Tooth

Alex Stephenson
Monday, December 4, 2017 - 15:30
Alex drafts Orzhov vampires.


Honestly, i love that your drafts have individual puns. Cudos to whoever the bright mind was that thought that up. I definitely look forward to seeing what the new draft pun is!

Thanks again for doing what you do! Straightforward drafts for the people.

Thanks Lopkip! Good to hear from you

Hi Alex,

Longtime fan and avid watcher of your videos. Had a question about Match 2 @ 3:39 when opponent attacks with the Direfleet Hoarder and is blocked by your Seekers Squire. Were you just trying to keep "race" in mind at that point? The reason I ask is because the resulting artifact treasure produced then enabled his 2/3's to attack.

Keep putting out the puns and the drafts!!

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