Ixalan Draft Dino Sore

Alex Stephenson
Friday, October 20, 2017 - 20:30
Alex drafts Boros dinosaurs.


Alex's Ixalan Draft Stats:

Alex has won 5 Ixalan DRAFTS out of 14 for a 35.7% win rate. (last comment had him at 6 draft wins, which unfortunately was not correct)

Alex has won 30 Ixalan MATCHES out of 42 for a 71.4% win rate.

Alex has won 66 Ixalan GAMES out of 108 for a 61.1% win rate.

Alex's strongest deck has been UB with 17 out of 23 games won (73.9% win rate).

Alex's weakest deck has been RW with 7 out of 16 games won (43.8% win rate).

Alex's strongest matchup has been against UB with 8 out of 10 games won (80.0% win rate).

Alex's weakest matchup has been against BW with 4 out of 9 games won (44.4% win rate).

Interesting notes: Red/White so far seems to be the bane of Alex for Ixalan. It was his weakest color combination going into this draft and remains his weakest combination. He also only has a 50% win rate against Red/White (2nd to Black/White which is still his worst matchup).

This was the first time we saw a Blue/White deck, and still have yet to see a Black/Green deck.

This is not the fastest format - maybe 4th fastest. In my mind Kaledesh was fastest. In that format super fast small decks where rife but what really made it the fastest was that even the slow decks where crazy fast. One routinely saw yurn 5 - combo assembled and blammo game over. Heck in Kaledesh 2-2 for 2 where critical. If you did not play a 2 drop the game was pretty much over right there. I mean this is a format where Drake (2B for a 2-2 Flyer) was a bad card because 2 damage even evasive was just too slow. In Ixilian we love 2-2 evasive creatures - they win games.

Zendikar was second fastest. Landfall made it pretty much impossible to block.

Amnoket is third because exert made it impossible to block.

Something that stood out for me was that you often initiated races instead of blocking. Thing is I think your Frenzied Raptor into broken cards deck really wanted to block. Frenzied Raptor is nothing to write home about but is good at trading as a blocker and you probably should have been fine trading one for one in the hopes of getting into the late game and playing your broken rares. Once the race was entered and everyone is at 7 or less life play tends to be very forced. If you don't swing for the kill then they will kill you next turn and one way or the other the game is over in a turn or two.

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