Hour of Devastation Draft #9

Alex Stephenson
Monday, July 17, 2017 - 13:30
Alex drafts BW Zombies.


Second time you, I think, mistakenly take the white "mythic uncommon" over better cards P1P1. Life is good, but usually not that good, if you know what I mean. Picking this over the cat is objectively, technically, and truly wrong, I think.

Like, you say the etnernalize cost is cheaper but you overlook that you have to pay the mana and discard a card. Since when was a 1 mana discount worth a card at turn 4-5? At later turns sure, you might have some superfluous lands to ditch, but at that point costing 4 or 5 is irrelevant anyway. Furthermore, what is better a 4/4 double striker or a 4/4 that only give you 4 life? I would even argue that the front side of the cat is better than the front side of the "mythic uncommon", being a 2 drop in an fairly aggressive format.

Just to make even more obvious: at turn 5 a 4/4 with double strike will almost always represent a meaningfully better board presence than a vanilla 4/4 and will most likely indirectly give you more life than 4 over the long run. Adding the card tax as well and the choice is obvious.

I can understand that it is hard to evaluate cards in a context, but like this, P1P1, you must be able to spot that the card you picked is the wrong one. Almost seems like you desperately want to show the people who criticized you last time that they are wrong, rather than make the correct pick. Like your content, just want to help and sorry if I come off as rude.

Sure np, I appreciate your perspective! I still stand by the Sunscourge pick, and I absolutely didn't make the pick to show people they are wrong, but rather better understand if my perception of the card is that it's as good as I think it is. I have no unwillingness to be wrong, however it seems like you too sure about something in which there really shouldn't be any crystal clarity about. This format is in its infancy, and words like "obvious" "objectively, technically, and truly wrong" I think show a lack of looking at it from another perspective. I easily see your perspective: Double strike is strong. a 4/4 double strike is very strong. Having to discard a card to Eternalize is an additional downside. But you seem to lack the perspective that gaining 2 life on a 2/3, and then 4 life on a 4/4 could be more game flipping more often than having a double strike creature., and instead say that the cat pick is definitive, which I don't believe is a fully assessed comparison

Well, I guess the 6 lifegain in total is better in a strict race scenario when you are unable to effectively block the opponents creatures while the opposite also being true the other way around. It is a rather narrow case as you can see, and since limited normally is about board presence rather than a race a better creature on board (double strike compared to no double strike) is better than a handful of life and a card in average. I guess you can make the case that the uncommon is better against removal (you will always get the life, but for a card), however. So I stand corrected; the cat isn't technically better but you have to have a quite slanted perspective on what limited magic normally is about in order to think that the uncommon is better than the cat more than 50% of the time or that the uncommon is better in 50% of the time when you are behind.

You know, Path to Exile isn't technically better than Sand Blast, but I bet you that 99% of all magic players would agree that the former is better regardless of context, thus approximately better technically.

Lifegain has its benefits but i believe the cat has to be the right choice. This format seems defined by the importance of two drops while 3 drop slot tends to be saturated. I too agree that the card shouldnt go around pick 4-5 and as such is highly underrated. Please never pass oketra's avenger for a camel zombie without deserts; especially when you have exert synergy with vizier

Not to jump on the bandwagon, but I wasn't convinced by that first pick either, sorry Alex :P
I can see that the champion is a decent card, but I don't rate it as highly as you tbh. Although I might be slightly biased because I first picked the double strike cat on Monday night then picked up a Regal Caracal pack 3 :D

Forgot another point which I think is relevant to the P1P1 choice. If I'm next at the table to you and I see the cat P1P2, I would take it 100% of the time thinking you aren't interested in white. I don't think there is a white common/uncommon I would take over it (although farm/table would be debatable). I'd interpret it as a signal that perhaps I'll get some quality white cards coming my way and then you could see white disappearing in pack 2 if I see a couple more white cards. Meanwhile, if I get passed a sunscourge P1P2 and the rare is missing, I wouldn't necessarily make the assumption that white is the color I should be investing in.

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