Amonkhet Draft #38 Fridays with Jamie Rigatti

Jamie Rigatti
Friday, June 16, 2017 - 22:00
Jamie's Twitch: Jamie's Twitter: @JamieTopples


Jamie first of all ty for the content!
You just got punished by the deck you should have ended with. Drafting rw aggro does not justify 4drops and 5drops. I think you were blinded by the cuteness of the cat.. I think you should cut all 4s and 5, play sacred cat, inciter, khopesh and second bearer, the 1 mana red enchantment and go all out aggro. Maybe keep 1 bird but I am not sure I d rather play 15 lands. That's from me

I see the above commentor's point, but noticed that the ability to play the cat, on 5, allowed you to make more than profitable alpha strike, knowing you'd have 3 bodies (with lifelink) available during any crack back.

One the flip side, I think you missed something by ignoring the Limits of Solidarity late in the third pack. It's a very narrow card, and the effect hassurely been printed more cheaply, but the effect is bonkers in R-X aggro.

You were mentioning throughout how you wanted more red cartouches, and constantly wanted to draw one, but the LoS, while expensive is a red cartouche on steroids, removes a blocker, adds offense... what more can a tempo-based aggro deck ask for?

Limits of Solidarity. Late pack 3, over the electrify you didn't main deck. Go back and look at the games you lost particularly in the first match -- that card would have won it for you.
Very narrow, and expensive in this set at 4 to offset the cycling, but bonkers in the right deck, which this is.

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