Amonkhet Draft #20

Alex Stephenson
Wednesday, May 17, 2017 - 13:45
Alex drafts BW Zombies.


Obviously your deck was sweet, but FWIW I think you're seriously undervaluing Vizier of Deferment and Oketra's Monument. Vizier has so much versatility. It does everything: negate opponents' combat tricks, kill tokens, fog Greater Sandwurms, flicker Bloodrage Brawlers to force the opponent to discard, etc.

The monument makes a lot more tokens than you'd expect and plays especially well with White's go-wide cards, like Trial of Solidarity, Tah-Crop Elite, and In Oketra's Name. It also leads to some busted openers like T3 Monument, T4 Gustwalker plus Spearmaster and two 1/1's.

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