Aether Revolt Draft #41 with Jamie Rigatti

Jamie Rigatti
Monday, April 17, 2017 - 11:00
Jamie's Twitch: Jamie's Twitter: @JamieTopples


I think you were wrong to run the monitor over the Conviction myself - it really helps your little dudes trade up or swing in.

Salvagers over Angel with that landcount might have been better - there's a big gap between 5 lands & 6.

Then again, perhaps I'm too conservative :P

15 Mana was simply too low for what was a reasonably mana hungry deck. You might have a 17 mana deck there. Certianly it was clear that some games were lost because you fell to far behind while missing land drops.

Also 6 black mana was probably a bit on the high end. It is a problem because stockpile later then turn 2 is so, so, much worse. It is hard to find time to cast it and hard to get it going later in the game. Nonetheless lots of mulligans with 6 black sources in a deck that does nothing without white mana.

I think you'd have had a better deck with 1 less impliment and drop either the dead eye or one of the 2-2 renegades. They where good cards but not as good as making your land drops and playing the Eagles and Rocs in your deck - particularly because you tend to need mana to trigger revolt. The number of times one can use a trade to trigger Revolt is super rare. Decks that use that mechanic need to plan to have more mana to feed it (one of the reasons its a pretty weak mechanic).

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