Aether Revolt Draft #32

Alex Stephenson
Saturday, March 4, 2017 - 20:15
Alex drafts UB artifacts.


Inez27-"you shall not scry" !addquote

I believe your opponent was writing French and was alluding to a famous French super model of the 1980's.

Clearly I should have just listened to the video before responding.

The deck was a card drawing machine but with little removal it had few ways to last long enough to make that relevant. I don't think you saw much removal...though I think your slightly undervaluing Ice Over which would have helped fill a slot this deck just needed filled. Sure if you find the Malfunctions and Tidy Conclusions Ice Over never makes the main but it is a reasonable back up plan so long as your not giving up to much with the pick.

Tough beats, but you got the value draft at least =)

This is not a 1-2 deck. I'm surprised it didn't do better. You definitely faced some tough opponents, though. You got really impatient with that flunge in match 2 rather trying to just fly over. This was definitely one of the better U/B decks you've run, but please draft something else. I have had enough of U/B...

I agree that in hindsight I should have just attacked with the flier. However, they would have had the Die Young for the flier instead, and it still would've been a game on our hands. It's no guarantee I would've won. And remember that they needed the trick/removal in hand, as well as a topdecked removal to beat me the way that they did

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