Ixalan Draft Washed Up

Alex Stephenson
Sunday, November 5, 2017 - 11:00
Alex drafts Simic Merfolk.


This deck was so sick, I think you go 3-0 at least 75% of the time with it.

I do however think you could have dropped the last non-merfolks, swap Daggertooth and the spy for another delver and the enchantment (good with your sneaks). Jungle delver is ok in your deck considering the sneaks, the boons and the potential enchantment. Since you have nothing above 3 mana, the mana sink is actually kinda good as well.

Congratulations on building a great deck and well played :)

I think your suggestions are reasonable. I think overall the Delver and enchantment are pretty mediocre, but they could both be played in here. Thanks!

Is it just me or does repeating barrage not seem rare worthy? I get that its a good card, but it costs 3 to cast and then you have to pay 4 just to return it to your hand. Seems like a rare would either cost less or do more damage. Maybe I'm missing something.

I could maybe see it at uncommon. It would be pretty nasty to get a couple of them in a limited deck though

hey alex....you ever think about diving into standard again? there's a cheap fun marionette master deck ive been playing with....it usually beats temur and really good against mono red
it can cause 20 life drain turn 5.....so much fun to watch opponent think theyre winning and then lose out of no where

It's going to be awhile for me to get back into standard, but that does sound like a fun deck!

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