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Magic Origins and ToS update 8/22/15

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Hey folks, so far Magic Origins has been a lot of fun. I've come to understand the format pretty well, yet still feel like I have a lot to learn. It's interesting not having to deal with morphs anymore since it had been such a long stretch of them in Khans block. The removal and creatures in Origins seem superbly strong, which really makes for a relatively quick format most of the time. I've played practically every archetype already, and haven't really found one that I think is better than any other. I'd love to hear what you guys think of the format. Let me know.

I know I've been in the dark on Travelers of Storia for another couple months, but believe you me that I'm still working hard on it. Thanks to the help of a new designer on the project, Kurt Krueger, we've come up with 17 brand new world enemies that will be included in the game release. In addition, a new type of enemy that is twice as powerful as normal enemies, but counts as two enemies when setting up an encounter. The final big addition is the currency system. "Storian Silver" are treasure cards that are commonly acquired from the treasure deck that you can use between rounds to purchase other treasures from the treasure deck. I'm very excited to present these new additions soon, but more playtesting is currently underway to make sure everything is balanced correctly. Thanks everybody for your patience and encouragement along the way. I'm really excited to have people play the game, but want to make sure it's as good as you guys deserve for waiting so long first. Thanks again. Talk to you soon.