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A Farewell to Dragons - 7/8/15

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The holiday cube drafts for this season have finally come online and I've decided to call it quits on the Dragons of Tarkir format. 73 drafts is a new record high for me! I had a really rocky start in the beginning, and didn't even realize until the first draft had started that it didn't include Khans of Tarkir. I decided after the first 20 drafts or so with my pretty poor results that I missed Khans a lot and wasn't digging this new format. The three-color morphs and charms, as well as rares and mythics made for a really exciting and diverse format comparatively to the more straightforward two-color archetypes of Dragons. But after about 50 drafts I really think I started to have an understanding of the format and hit my stride. My results got so good that I'd be willing to say my overall record in Dragons is probably the best of any format I've ever played in. I came to appreciate the three color decks more, and started to develop a better idea of when to grab fixing or sideboard cards versus maindeck cards. This really seemed to be an important aspect of Dragons that I was missing early on. Let me know what you guys thought of the format in the comments.

I've gotten the chance to look Magic Origins over and I think it should make for an interesting format. The flippy creature/planeswalkers look like a lot of fun and hopefully will open up even more design space in the future. If this new mulligan rule sticks around, maybe there'll be significantly less "feel bad" mulligan situations without dramatically impacting win percentages of the various strategies and archetypes in the game. Ideally, land flood and screw will be minimized, and the game can have more true skill tests. Thanks a lot for all of the comments over the last few months. It was great hearing from all of you.

I'm still hard at work on Travelers of Storia (my boardgame) and the reason that it's taking so long is that I want to make sure everything is right before I start the crowdfunding process. Deciding to self publish leads me down a difficult road, but, in my eyes, a much more satisfactory one. I'm going to need a lot of help to get it crowdfunded when the process begins, but until then I'm doing my part to make sure the game is exactly the way people are going to want it, which has included some changes and additions along the way. I will have another video when I get my updated pieces to show the changes.

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