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Collaborations and New Site Drafters! - 9/27/15

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Hey gang, if you've been checking out the videos recently you've seen that we have some familiar faces returning to the site as well as some new friends. I've had the opportunity to record a few drafts with Denis from Windmill Slam now and those are a lot of fun. You can also catch Morgan's draft videos monthly. And in a triumphant return to the site, expect more Randy draft videos as well. You may even see another drafter or two over the next few weeks, so be sure to check back and see! Battle for Zendikar content will be coming soon! I also hope you're all digging the new photoshop intros to the videos.

I'm currently working with an artist for Travelers of Storia. He's already updated some art for me and may be doing some more over the next few weeks here. I'll let you know more about that as I learn it. Also, I'm currently working to try and code Travelers of Storia with the help of some software. I'm not sure how complex this process will be yet, but I will surely have more vids and tutorials over the next few months.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting everybody!