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My Review of Avacyn Restored

Scott Meinecke
Sunday, May 13, 2012 - 13:30


The last set of the Innistrad block, Avacyn Restored, is out. Here is my review of all 244 cards. By the way, my name is Scott Meinecke. I'm a casual player, but I've played since Invasion & have a decent knowledge of the game. Having watched a LOT of Innistrad drafts, thanks to mostly (check them out), I think I have a pretty good grasp of which cards are good in the limited format & this review will deal mostly with how good I think each card is for that format, though I will at times comment on a card regarding whether I think it'll be good in the constructed format as well. Actually, I'll try to do that with every card that I think might be good in constructed. : )

My favorite cards will be in bold, while cards I don't like will be in italics. My reasons for why I like or dislike a card has more to do with how well I think the card is designed & themed to the set. I like cards that are interesting & fun to play. I dislike cards that are poorly designed or boring or just plain awful or even way too powerful.

So, with that said, here's a link to each card, so you can read them for yourself & tell me, if you want, why you agree or disagree with my opinion of each card. ... l-spoiler/

Oh, and if I mention a card from other sets, just google them. is one site where you can look up any card too.


Angel of Glory's Rise: I like this card because it's a nice counter to Zombie Apocalypse. Zombie Apocalypse is quite insane. Angel of Glory's Rise says "Nope, not anymore". Cool.

Angel of Jubilation: I might've put this card in bold, but with all the +1/+1 pumps going to white creatures these days (Honor, Intangible, Drogskol, etc.) I simply can't do it. Granted, this ability helps everybody but black, which I'm happy about, but the last thing white creatures needed was more pump ups. But I love the 2nd. ability. Very cool. I'm pretty sure you'll see this card played in constructed.

Angel's Mercy: Well, the art looks cool & I'm sure they repeated this card simply for the theme, but then why was it in M12? In the last set I criticized Mtg for reprinting cards in new sets, instead of in core sets (M11, M12, etc.). Well, I'd say that here's a card that definitely belongs in Avacyn Restored, so I'll alter my criticism a little. Just the kinda guy I am ; ) lol

Angelic Wall: Yep... ditto. Good card. Perfect place for it. So where's Angelic Destiny?

Archangel: 2 more mana for a +1/+1 Sera Angel? Hmmm... me thinks she needs an ability. Something. Anything. When she enters the battlefield, gain 5 life, or when she attacks, attacking humans gain 0/+1. But a 5/5 flyer with vigilance is always a strong card, regardless.

Avacyn, Angel of Hope: I like her. I "want" to put her in bold. So why didn't I? Because she's just a little too boring. Oh don't get me wrong, she's very powerful. The mana cost is right & I'm sure she'll win games, when she "enters the battlefield", but this is Avacyn we're talking about. Here's how I designed her, before I saw her here. 2BBWW (thought she'd be black & white, but I think 8 cost is better than 6) 6/16 (giving her the highest defense of any creature, just for fun) flying, vigilance, first strike, hexproof (but I'll admit, indestructible is pretty awesome). 4 abilities (yes, 4). Each costs BBWW to use. Prevent damage to up to 2 creatures. Give up to 2 creatures Lifelink & Deathtouch for the turn. Return up to 2 creatures to their owners hands. Return up to 2 creatures from their graveyard to your hand (yes, any creature). Maybe I'm nuts, but I think Avacyn should've been the most interesting creature ever created, without making her "too powerful" like Jace (did I succeed?). Then again, making all your permanents indestructible? Yeah, that's pretty darn powerful. I think the Frites deck may have just found another card.

Banishing Stroke: So here we have the first of 2 new mechanics; Miracle. I like it. It's interesting, potentially devastating & most importantly, very well themed. My one issue is that I fear that at times it could be too powerful & that without the miracle, the card sometimes is a little weak; like this card. Without miracle, would you draft this? I'm not sure. Maybe. 6 mana is steep, but the ability is very strong. Will this ability play better in limited or constructed? Not sure. I think I could make a case for both. We'll see.

Builder's Blessing: Nice. Cool defensive enchantment. Would 0/+3 been better for a 4 cost enchantment? Hmmm...

Call to Serve: Are you surprised I put this card in bold? Think about how perfectly themed this card is & how cool it is? It's Holy Strength+ & not working on a black creature is just perfect. Great design & the art is just perfect too.

Cathars' Crusade: Wow! Rally the Peasants was cool. This is more like pump up the masses. Potentially devastating card, but it doesn't do anything when you play it, which I like, considering how powerful it can be. Do I see a constructed deck with Gavony Township? Maybe. 

Cathedral Sanctifier: Looks like it's time to construct a Chalice of Life deck? Even in Limited, this could get out of hand pretty quickly, especially with all the cards in Avacyn Restored that exile cards, only to return them to play. Keep your eye on this Cleric.

Cloudshift: Like I was saying? : ) So this would've been a good ability for Avacyn's weapon on my card design with her 4 abilities. This card isn't only good for using on a creature with a come into play effect, but also to prevent it from being targeted by your opponent too. This could get interesting.

Commander's Authority: Even without all the token shenanigans that are currently in the game, this card is great all on its own, simply because it gives you a potentially endless army of blockers. I totally agree with the 5 mana cost too. Cool card.

Cursebreak: Boring card, but it's a decent card for the game, but if you're going to call this Cursebreak, shouldn't it have a special effect when you destroy a Curse? Lets see... Destroy an enchantment. You gain 2 life. If it's a curse, your opponent must discard a card. That's a little better. Might've even put it in bold ; )

Defang: So Pacifism prevents the creature from attacking or blocking. This only prevents the creature from dealing damage. So shouldn't this card only cost 1? It's still decent though, regardless.

Defy Death: I like this card. Always wondered why they didn't continue with Breath of Life & only Zombify. Well now we've got Black, Black/White & now White, but especially for Angels. Just nasty.

Devout Chaplain: I usually like cards where you have to tap it + 2 other creatures to get an effect. Here we see the power of Avacyn at work. Great ability. Yes, mostly for sideboard, but it's still very cool.

Divine Deflection: Maybe I'm wrong but I think this card might make constructed. Red does X damage & has been used in a variety of ways; Devil's Play being the most recent. This adds damage prevention as well. Good thing this is rare, cause this will win games in limited, I'm sure.

Emancipation Angel: Cards like this are quite powerful, because the drawback is rarely a drawback (try Cathedral Sanctifier) & even if it is, you're still putting a 3/3 flyer out on turn 3, maybe even turn 2. Yikes!

Entreat the Angels: I think this is a great mythic card? Why? Cause even without Miracle if X is 1 you're getting a 4/4 flying angel for 5. If X is 2, you're getting 2 4/4 flying angels for 7. While that's not exactly mythic, it's still really good, but if you draw this card... oh my.

Farbog Explorer: I almost put this card in italics cause it's pretty boring, but it's themed fairly well & it is a decent common card.

Goldnight Commander: This + Cathars' Crusade? That's just nuts. Lets add Honor of the Pure & Angel of Jubilation. Sorry, but I think this all just makes White too powerful. None of these cards go in italics, cause they're all good cards, but together they're quite insane. Too much so for my taste.

Goldnight Redeemer: Perfect with Chalice of Life, but a really good card on it's own too. Almost put her in bold

Herald of War: Originially I was going to put this guy in italics cause I was like "no way, this guy is way too powerful. why isn't he mythic". But on further reflection, I think his power level is just fine. Why? Well consider that he's initially only a 3/3 flyer for 5. If your opponent can deal with him, you get no benefit. So he's a 4/4 when he first attacks & now Angels & Humans you cast cost 1 less, but only if he's still in play. Now if you can get 2 or 3 counters on him, then yes, he's VERY powerful, but that's a pretty big "if". I think his power level is potentially very strong, but because he has to attack & not die for his ability to kick in, I think this is a good card.

Holy Justiciar: At first I thought this card was very weak; a 2/1 for 4 with a tapping ability that requires 3 mana? Yep, she's pretty weak, unless you're going up against Zombies, in which case she's very strong. So put her in your sideboard for sure. 

Leap of Faith: I like combat tricks & this one is quite fun. My opponent has a 5/5 flyer & I have a 5/5 non-flyer & am at 5 life. He attacks, thinking the game's over. I play Leap of Faith, block his flyer with my 5/5 & my guy takes no damage. His guy is dead. To me, this is what makes magic great.

Midnight Duelist: He looks cool. Against Vampires he's pretty cool, but other than that, he's pretty boring. Again, I think a "Duelist" should have an ability that's... how do you spell it... Duely? : )
In the L5R card game you could have your guy challenge another guy to a duel. It's a cool mechanic. How about this... Midnight Duelist deals 2 damage to a Vampire. The vampire may tap to avoid the damage. I like it, but maybe he's now uncommon or he costs 2. Maybe both.

Midvast Protector: Nice Wizard. Wish he had flash, but it's still a cool ability. I could even see him working in a constructed deck, possibly.

Moonlight Geist: A decent defensive creature. I can see him being used quite effectively in the right situation. Nice card.

Moorland Inquisitor: Not sure why the ability costs 3, instead of 2. I think 3 is a bit high, but at least he's not some boring vanilla 2/2 for 2. Love the flavor text (as usual)

Nearheath Pilgrim: I really like Soulbound. I think it's an excellent mechanic. Not too powerful, but potentially very powerful & his Soulbound ability is quite nice. I really see Chalice of Life getting played more now. This guy is definitely one of my favorites.

Restoration Angel: I think this is a great card. Saying you "may" exile is what really makes it great. Just an awesome card that has tons of potential. I could see this card in constructed.

Riders of Gavony: Another well themed card. Potentially very powerful; maybe even good enough for constructed. I know it doesn't work this way, but it's fun to try to find a loophole in the rules. Consider: I choose shapeshifter as the creature type. Since shapeshifter is "every" creature type, that means my humans have protection from all of your creatures? No? darn ; )

Righteous Blow: Nice! Cool! My only fear is that White is now too powerful, but this is a great card, no doubt. I'd play it in constructed, I think.

Spectral Gateguards: This is a pretty good themed card, but I doubt it'll see much play. 5 mana for a 2/5 that "might" have vigilance? I would've made it cost 4. Then I think it would see some play. Am I wrong?

Silverblade Paladin: Awesome looking card. The ability could be very powerful. I almost put him in bold too. Is he good enough for constructed?

Seraph of Dawn: A very good card. Should see a lot of play. I'll take her over Abbey Griffin, vigilance or no vigilance.

Thraben Valiant: I almost put this card in italics cause I just don't see why he's in here. Sure, a 2/1 with vigilance for 2 is fine. Just wish he was a little more interesting. How about this? 2: Thraben Valiant gains first strike. You may only use this abily when he is defending. Well, he's a little better.

Terminus: Now here's another card that I think is pretty good even without it's Miracle ability. If you draw it... yeah, I'd say that's quite a nice miracle.

Voice of the Provinces: Okay, so this Angel doesn't seem very good. A 3/3 flyer for 6 + a 1/1 human token. Normally I'd say eh, but with cards like Cloudshift, she becomes quite nice, so she's a pretty good common card. Certainly nothing to complain about. Besides, her ability is fairly unique, which is cool.

Zealous Strike: While I like combat tricks, this is Skillful Lunge with a +2 defense added on. So it's better than Skillful Lunge, in one sense, but it's virtually the same card. I don't get it. If Skillful Lunge wasn't in Dark Ascension this card wouldn't be in italics, but it is.


Alchemist's Apprenctice: Good card. Awesome hilarious flavor text. Sorta makes me think I should put this card in bold. "well, it turns out my apprentice was very helpful. course he's dead now" lol

Amass the Components: I'm not certain but I believe this card already exists, just with another name. These card drawing effects all start to sound the same after a while.

Arcane Melee: Really? Maybe I'm wrong but I don't like this card.. I'm seeing blue/white dominating this set fairly well & then you give blue a card like this? Aren't control decks already powerful enough? Now they've got blue/white spirits & stalkers & delvers too. So now they're aggressive bashing smashing control decks. Oh great. Thanks. How about I just concede now.

Captain of the Mists: What a cool card. I'm worried there's some seriously powerful combo with this guy, but it's hard not to put him in bold. I just like everything about him, except maybe his power should be 1 & not 2. Don't see the need for that extra point of damage from him.

Crippling Chill: At first I thought "boring". Claustrophobia & other cards do this with a permanent effect, so why bother making this card? Then I thought about it a little more. I tap down my opponents creature. It stays tapped through his next turn (that's 2 turns for me with him tapped) & I get to draw a card. That'll work. 

Deadeye Navigator: So I'm looking at this card & I'm thinking "is this going to get played much". If this is my first pack I open & this is my rare, am I taking this? Maybe. What's interesting about this card is that it's ability does nothing for itself, except that you can target another card & give it Soulbound, so here's the Soulbound effect where you can reuse it, if you lose 1 creature with Soulbound. Yes, you have to be able to play the ability or you'll lose it. I get it. This card is very interesting. Could be really strong, but why it's a 5/5 for 6 mana is anybodys guess. Maybe they didn't want this guy coming down early in the game, I guess.

Devastation Tide: Another pretty cool card, even at 5 mana it's quite useful.

Dreadwaters: Okay. I was going to put this in italics cause "oh look, another mill card", but it's different from the other mill cards in this set & it could be very useful, especially for self mill. Don't think it'll see much play though.

Elgaud Shieldmate: So if Phantasmal Image ever gets phased out, don't worry; Elgaud Shieldmate will protect your Drogskol Captain just fine. Yeah yeah, she costs 2 more mana & she's not as powerful, but Phantasmal Image is rare. Elgaud is common. I'd say that's a pretty sweet common.

Favorable Winds: I really should like this card. I mean, it's pretty cool. It's effective. It'll see a lot of play, no doubt, but you know why I don't like it, don't you? Surely you know. Blue/White Spirits. White Flying Tokens. Drogskol Captain. Everything you've already seen in this set. Need I say more?

Fettergeist: I must be missing something. This card sucks, doesn't it? In what scenario, other than if he's the only creature you have in play, maybe one other, is this a good card? If he was a 4/4, I think he might be playable, but this seems like a helluva drawback for a 3/4 flyer for 3. What am I missing here?

Fleeting Distraction: At first glance this card seems pretty weak. Sure, you get to draw a card, but -1/0? Big deal. Well... it's not so bad. My 2/3 blocks your 3/2 or a 2/2 blocks a 2/2 or something like that. Now your guy dies & mine doesn't & I draw a card. Thus, I'd draft this card. Could be good.

Galvanic Alchemist: Galvanic? Wait, why is this Wizard a "Galvanic" Alchemist? Isn't that word from the Scars of Mirrodin block & I think it was in Ravnica too. Is that why it's here, cause Ravnica is coming next? So what. Her Soulbound ability is okay. Might be useful, depending on the other creature, but I don't think there's any Galvanic cards in Innistrad, so I gotta give you guys some crap for this - lol

Geist Snatch: But then we get a cool counter spell like Geist Snatch. Yes! How cool. Yes, this is awesome for blue/white spirits, but a cool card is a cool card. Another unique counter spell. I'm impressed.

Ghostform: Yikes! Now see, I thought Artful Dodge was a darn good card, yet it rarely gets played. I don't get it. Actually though, how is this card any different? In one sense it's weaker, since it has no flashback. Artful Dodge effectively gives you 2 unblockables for 2 blue, where Ghostform does it for 1 & a blue, but you can't use it on 1 creature at a time like you can with Artful Dodge, so I think Artful Dodge is better, which means this card shouldn't see any play. I think you guys are nuts. I'd draft both. I'm gonna have to playtest them together & see how they do. Elbrus anybody?

Ghostly Flicker: So does this mean I "could" exile 6 cards (2 of each)? So up to 6 cards, but no more than 2 of each type? This is a very interesting card. I'm not sure if it sucks, if it's decent, good, or awesome - lol, but I'm guessing it won't see much play.

Ghostly Touch: Another creature Aura that I like. I like cards like this because, as I've said many times, they're "potentially" very good, but it's always a risk to play an aura on a creature, because if your opponent kills your creature, you lose the aura too, but on creatures with Hexproof, I think it's a small risk.

Gryff Vanguard: Okay sure, there's nothing wrong with this card. It's actually pretty good. A 3/2 flyer for 5 + a card draw. Fine. No problem. So why the italics? Because I just don't see any point for this card, other than to give blue another flyer, I guess. It'll see play, but I think it's a boring card.

Havengul Skaab: Okay, this is interesting. Should be in italics, right? I mean it's a 4/5 for 6, which is weak & it has a negative ability. Oh look, it's a Zombie. Whoopie! Nobody cares. Well, that negative ability will usually be a positive ability in this set. Just think about it. Slayer of the Wicked, Ghoulraiser, heck - even Gryff Vanguard - lol. So while in one sense this guy sucks, in another he could be quite good. I like that.

Infinite Reflection: Call me nuts, but I'd definitely try to make this work in a constructed deck. This is definitely one of my favorite cards. It's just "so cool". It's Essence of the Wild+ & it's retro-active too. I play Spider Spawning with Murder of Crows in play (or pick another cool creature with a cool in play effect) & then I play this on that creature. Falkenrath Noble? Rage Thrower? Get the picture? It's called FUN! : )

Into the Void: Okay, so lets see. Grasp of Phantoms: 4 cost sorcery with 8 cost flashback. Griptide: 4 cost instant. Ah, but Into the Void only puts them in their owners hand & not on top of their library. Still, this card will win games, easily. Might even make constructed. Eh, probably not. 

Latch Seeker: Pretty boring card, but pretty effective too. I still say this is what Invisible Stalker should've cost (1UU). This with Drogskol though is just unfair. I think Werewolves & Vampires should file a complaint at WotC. They're getting outgunned (is it outgunned or out gunned? lol)

Lone Revenant: Hexproof definitely makes him rare, that's for sure. Good ability, but I'm not sure how often it'll actually work, but so what? Having a 4/4 hexproof for 5, and it's a spirit too? Yep... I'd take him.

Lunar Mystic: Glad Lunar Mystic is a human & not a Spirit - lol. This is a very cool card. Potentially very powerful, but not too hard to deal with. Well designed.

Mass Appeal: While this could be an absolutely ridiculously powerful card, I'm good with it because the theme is right. It's perfect, actually. The humans have won. They're in control. Thus, draw some cards. So surely you're going to play human tokens & splash blue now, yes?

Mist Raven: It's a weaker version of Aether Adept, so why bother? Sure it's a good common card & it looks cool as hell, but there's no reason to have this card in this set. No reason to have 244 cards, as far as I'm concerned. But it'll see play, that's for sure.

Misthollow Griffin: I don't think this is a very powerful mythic. I could be wrong, but it's basically just a 3/3 flyer for 4, but unless I'm mistaken I think this is the first card that can be cast from exile, which is very cool. Just keep such an ability as a very rare ability, cause otherwise you'll ruin what exile is, compared to destroying a creature. This is a cool Griffin, but I think giving him a cool ability in addition to his exile ability would've been even cooler. Also, what's with Svenska, Norske & Dansk? Some secret code, right? lol

Nephalia Smuggler: A nicely designed card. The same ability that's a clear theme in this set, but it fits perfectly with this Rogue. Very cool.

Outwit: One word: NASTY! Just nasty. Will probably be in every constructed blue sideboard. Again, the flavor text is just awesome.

Peel from Reality: This is from Ravnica, yes? I'm not bothering to look it up. Instead I'll just type this - lol. It fits in this set though, so I'm cool with it.

Rotcrown Ghoul: This guy would be better if he was a cheaper weaker zombie, but he's still okay. Then again, if I'm trying to mill my opponent, he provides quite a nice defense for me, doesn't he? 

Scrapskin Drake: Boring! Nobody cares. Make him a 2/4 or a 2/5 & he'd be a little more interesting & more desirable in draft, that's for sure.

Second Guess: Another good counter spell. How many more "good & unique" ways can they keep making counter spells? Here's a better question. Since they can keep making interesting & unique ways to counter a spell, why do they keep repeating so many concepts on creatures & other spells?

Spectral Prison: This is similar to Ice Cage, but it's different enough that I won't put it in italics. It's a decent aura. I'm sure it'll see some play in limited.

Spirit Away: Now see... this is good. It's Mind Control, but it's different. It costs 2 more mana because the creaure gets +2/+2 & has flying. That's huge. But the point is (someone please pass this on to WotC) that it's not nearly as boring when you make a similar card that has a little difference, vs. the same card with a different name.

Stern Mentor: I love the look of this card & it's ability is pretty good. Soulbound really adds a unique element to magic.

Stolen Goods: Another very cool card. Well designed, well themed & quite powerful too. Course it could do very little, so I can see why it might not see a lot of play, but it's still a cool card.

Tamiyo, the Moon Sage: Love this Planeswalker. All the costs seem right too. Very cool abilities. I'd be shocked if she's not in constructed.

Tandem Lookout: Another very nice Soulbound ability. He's easy to kill, which is good. He should be. Otherwise he'd be quite insane & would probably have to be a rare.

Temporal Mastery: Here's one Miracle ability where if you don't get it, I don't see this card being very good. The Miracle is awesome, but is paying 7 mana to get an extra turn worth the risk? I don't think so.

Vanishment: Again, the Miracle is amazing, but otherwise I'd rather have Grasp or Griptide. Oh, but it is a nonland permanent & not just a creature, so I guess 5 mana isn't so bad.

Wingcrafter: A very nice card with a simple, yet effective ability. Should see plenty of play.


Appetite for Brains: Pretty cool card. Dam scary looking too. Surely this will be in constructed.

Barter in Blood: I wonder why they brought this card back. It's a good card, but why not put it in M12 or 13? Well, it is Sorin in the pic, so I guess it fits.

Blood Artist: This is one cool card. The "art" is amazing (sorry, couldn't resist) : )

Bloodflow Connoisseur: Very similar to Devouring Swarm, but different enough that I like it. A very cool vampire. Almost put her in bold. Lots of good strategy with her. Pretty awesome with Undying.

Bone Splinters: Another cool card. Pretty powerful, if you think about it. Sacrifice your Undying creature, or any creature with a dying ability, or just a little creature to kill your opponents nasty creature. Definitely one of the best commons in the set. Looks good for constructed too.

Butcher Ghoul: This guy is fine, but why the 2 mana cost? Young Wolf costs 1 green & it's the same thing. Undying makes more sense on a Zombie, but if you're going to have Butcher Ghoul cost 2 then shouldn't he have an ability? Lets see... "When Butcher Ghoul enters the battlefield from a graveyard, he deals 1 damage to target creature". Ooh... nice. He's a "Butcher" Ghoul, so I think it makes sense. When he comes back from the dead, he's quite irate. ; )

Corpse Traders: An interesting card, that's for sure. Not sure why he's a 3/3 for 4. Maybe he's just that much of a badass. Should see some play. Thought about putting him in bold for his uniqueness alone.

Crypt Creeper: Okay, he's different from Thraben Heretic; not as good in that it's a 1 shot deal, but good in that you can exile any card, as opposed to just a creature. Goodbye flash. So what I initially thought was a pretty weak card turns out to be quite a useful card. Good sideboard card, if nothing else.

Dark Imposter: So I was like "6 mana? Nah, too expensive". Now I'm thinking maybe too powerful? (see Helvault). This is more powerful than Helvault, is it not? You can exile any creature & they never come back. True, Helvault can exile your creatures for 1 mana & then you can get them back, which is cool, but that's not how it's mainly used, is it. But giving this guy all the abilities of the exiled creatures? Oh yeah. I like Dark Imposter. Very cool.

Death Wind: A very good common card. Almost put it in bold. Like Death's Caress, it can be expensive, but the flexibility of the X cost makes this card very useful.

Demonic Rising: Another very cool card. It's somewhat limited in its use, but it has to be, otherwise it'd be insane. A 5/5 demon every turn? Maybe for 8 & make it mythic. Nope, 5 & rare with the restriction is better. Cool card.

Demonic Taskmaster: Normally I don't like cards with serious drawbacks, but I like this one. The cost is right. The drawback is right & there's potential to use it to your advantage. Might even be good in a constructed deck. Good card.

Demonlord of Ashmouth: Wow! A 5/4 flying undying for 4. I think the drawback isn't much of an issue, so I think this card is very powerful. Maybe too powerful. We'll see. There's just so many creatures you can sacrifice to your advantage. I definitely want to construct a deck with him. Should be fun.

Descent into Madness: Very cool card. Interesting idea with a lot of potential power, but I'm guessing it won't see constructed. It's pretty risky in limited too, but being able to discard creatures into your graveyard can be powerful, obviously. Then again, I'd want to be able to get rid of this card, if I needed to.

Dread Slaver: The problem with Slaver is the same as Sengir Vampire. Good luck getting its ability to work. Well... there's Deadly Allure. Hmmm...

Driver of the Dead: The moment I saw & read this card, I knew it was going to be one of my favorites. What don't you like about this card? The awesome art? The fun flavor text? The cool ability? I'm guessing he won't see constructed, but I'm sure he'll see plenty of play. Love it.

Essence Harvest: Can you see playing this after you just transformed Ludevic's Test Subject? This is quite a powerful card. Should see lots of play.

Evernight Shade: I was like "another Shade? really?". Oh wait. It's a Shade with Undying. Uh-oh! Here comes mono-black with a vengeance.

Exquisite Blood: So I'm thinking great card. Then I'm thinking is this too powerful? I'm really not sure. I thought Undying was too powerful & so far I've been wrong, as far as I know, but this "seems" like a very powerful ability. If my opponent gets this in play in limited, I don't know how I'm going to win, unless I've got a card to destroy an enchantment.. Note to self - If you didn't already realize this, don't draft a deck without at least one way to destroy an enchantment. ; )

Ghoulflesh: So is this a good card? Sure, it can kill some creatures for just 1 mana, but Dead Weight is twice as powerful, so where's the advantage in turning the creature into a black zombie? Endless Ranks? Undead Alchemist? Maybe. It'll probably see play, simply for the removal. Lets see if the black zombie aspect comes into effect.

Gloom Surgeon: If I'm missing something fine, I'll take it back, but I do not like this card. Why would you play it? It's a wussy little 2/1 for 2. Sure it's immune to damage, but the ability can ruin you. I'd rather play Gloom Surgeon only if I could give control of it to my opponent. I hope I'm wrong & this is an awesome card. That would be great.

Grave Exchange: I think this is a good common card. It's a nice effect. It might not work well, but it might work great. 6 mana is a lot, but I think it's right, especially since it's common. I'm guessing it won't see much play though. Maybe in sideboard in limited.

Griselbrand: I like Griselbrand for several reasons. Being Mythic with an 8 mana cost (4 black) is great, unlike Titans which I think should've at least cost 7. They should be Legendary too. A demon that's focused around the #7, instead of 6? How cool. IF he hits for 7, or gets you 7 life, now his ability is quite insane, but at least he's gotta do damage before it's safe to use it. True, he could use it right away, depending on your life total, which might make him too powerful, but I still think he's awesome.

Harvester of Souls: Cool Demon. Very powerful. Very wicked. I think his power level with his mana cost is fine. Compare him to a Titan. See? This is good... well, evil. You know what I mean. ; )

Human Frailty: Perfect. Even though the humans are taking back their land, evil refuses to go down without a fight, kicking ass as they go. Take that humans. Love it. Nasty card. Perfect sideboard, even for constructed.

Homicidal Seclusion: So this plus Demonic Rising is quite sick. So I thought. Then I read Demonic Rising again. This is awesome. Do I want to play Demonic Rising & put out a 5/5 flying demon, or do I want to stick with Homicidal Seclusion & give my 1 creature +3/+1 & lifelink? (thought I could do both. glad I reread the card - lol) So I'm putting Homicidal in bold. It's just too cool.

Hunted Ghoul: Okay, he's different & yes, he's well themed, so maybe I shouldn't put him in italics, but come on guys... he sucks. A 1/2 for 1 & he has a negative ability. Why not make him a 2/2 or a 2/1 & add "humans have protection from Hunted Ghoul" Now I like him.

Killing Wave: Whoa! Again I'm torn. I really like this card but I'm questioning if it's too powerful. I'd certainly sideboard it in constructed & I'm sure it'll see plenty of play, regardless. This card will ruin token decks. Wait, maybe that's a good thing. ; )

Maalfeld Twins: Sure it's expensive, but this is a great card. It reminds me of Moan of the Unhallowed, in a strange sorta way. It's a unique Zombie ability. Kill it & then there are 2 Zombies. How cool is that?

Marrow Bats: Nope, sorry, don't like Marrow Bats. I guess they're not really bad. A 4/1 flyer can cause plenty of problems & being able to regenerate it is good, even with a Pay 4 life cost, but I just don't care for this card, but maybe I'm being too picky. After all, they are different, kinda.

Mental Agony: What? Come on guys. I'm sure this card already exists under a different name (can't remember). How about this? Add "for each creature card discarded this way, exile it instead & you gain 2 life". There. Now I like this card. A lot.

Necrobite: How cool is this card? What a deadly combat trick Necrobite is. It's perfect. You totally turn the tide on your opponent. Necrobite is just nasty. Black seems to have a lot of really good commons. Uh-oh! : )

Polluted Dead: I think this is another repeat, but this is a welcome addition & as far as I'm concerned it should go in the next core set, or the one after. We need more ways to deal with some of these insanely ridiculous lands, like Inkmoth Nexus. I hate that card.

Predator's Gambit: Okay. Unholy Strength with a little kick. Homicidal Seclusion + Predator's Gambit. Nice.

Renegade Demon: I don't need to tell anybody why this card is in italics, right? Yes, there's nothing wrong with it. He's a 5/3 demon for 5. Whoopie!

Searchlight Geist: Ya know, I'm glad they finally gave one of these Geists a searchlight. I'm sure they get lost all the time, floating around in the dark like they do ; ) Seriously though, read the flavor text. Think about what this guy does & ask yourself why is he so darn easy to kill? How does he "extinguish souls" without dying himself? Give him First Strike &/or make him a 2/2 at least. He shouldn't be easy to kill. How about a 1/3 with first strike & deathtouch for 4? Ooh... watch out now. I'm starting to think WotC could use my input sometimes. : )

Soulcage Fiend: Not great, not bad. I can see where he could be useful, but I can also see where he'll flat out ruin your day. Ah, but I'm supposed to like cards like that, aren't I? 

Treacherous Pit-Dweller: Okay, let me explain. The reason I really like this card is cause it's dangerous, obviously, but also because a good player will use the Pit-Dweller to his advantage. 1: Use Thraben Heretic, or similar, to avoid giving your opponent control of it. 2: Make sure you'll be able to get rid of it after your opponent takes control of it. 3: After giving control of him to your opponent, play a card that will hurt your opponent in some way for having this 5/4 demon in play. What card? I don't know. Figure it out. Heh heh heh

Undead Executioner: Good card. Why the executioner must die, in order to kill a creature is a mystery to me. Must be some Zombie Executioner thing. ; )

Unhallowed Pact: Hmmm... play this on Treacherous Pit-Dweller? Careful. Read both cards carefully. This can work though. Just think it through. Unhallowed Pact. Cool card. Very cool card.

Triumph of Cruelty: Very nice. Might not see much play, since it can do nothing at times, but I think it's a solid card, regardless. I see Liliana is a comic now - lol


Aggravate: This is an interesting card. I don't think it'll see much play, except maybe in sideboard. However, forcing wounded creatures to attack you can be quite effective. You might want to take another look at this card, if you don't think it's any good. But on to what's really important, or should I say "and now for something completely different". Lets see how many Monty Python fans there are out there. Obviously those "Barbarians" burned "The Comfy Chair". NO!!!!!

Archwing Dragon: I like Archwing Dragon. He hits, then flies away. He hits again, then flies away. How's that for annoying.

Banners Raised: Cute little ability. I'm guessing it won't see much play though. Just not powerful enough, probably. But I kinda like it.

Battle Hymn: I've said before how I don't like cards that give you more mana, unless it makes sense. Consider Seething Song. Why does spending 3 mana give me 5 mana? That's stupid. I hate that card. Look at Infernal Plunge. You want more mana? Fine, kill one of your creatures. There ya go. I like Infernal Plunge. Battle Hymn is pretty good. You got 3 or more creatures in play, so you can generate some extra mana, cause that's what happens when your guys start singing. It's just magical. : ) 

Bonfire of the Damned: This is Mythic, so the Miracle cost should be freaking amazing. It is. How about the normal cost. It should be very strong. 3 mana & X = 1 (eh). 5 mana & X = 2 (could be good). 7 mana & X = 3, 9 & X = 4. Thus it has the potential, even at the normal cost, to wipe your opponents creatures. Yeah, that's good. Good card.

Burn at the Stake: So the damage to target creature or player, for 5 mana, is 3, 6, 9, 12, or 15, etc. 3 - not so good. 6 - that's good. 9? 9? Yes, boys & girls, 9 damage to target creature or player for 5 mana is GOOD! I like Burn at the Stake.

Dangerous Wager: I really like cards like this. It's great when you have 0 or 1 cards in your hand, or 2, or even 3 cards that you don't want. But with Burning Vengeance, this card is flat out wicked.

Demolish: Another repeat that belongs in M12. Oh well.

Dual Casting: This is another one of those concepts that magic keeps putting out in various ways. This effect sees little play usually & I'm sure this latest version won't see much play, if any, in constructed, as most auras never see the light of day in constructed, but I think this is the most interesting version of this ability yet. I have a feeling Dual Casting will see play in limited, as this is quite a powerful ability. I'm surprised the cost is so cheap; 1 red + tap to copy an instant or sorcery? Wow! It's a rare, so you won't see it often, but I have a feeling this is one Aura that will seriously kick ass.

Falkenrath Exterminator: This guy is in bold simply for being a Vampire Archer. How's that for uniqueness? He's not overly powerful, but he is potentially powerful, but only if he can hit a player for some damage, so he's quite limited in that sense & maybe isn't even that good of a card. Here's a good creature to play Artful Dodge & Ghostly Touch on. Nightbird's Clutches & similar cards come to mind as well, cause if this guy gets going, watch out. Lastly, is that picture cool or what?

Fervent Cathar: A red Cathar. Okay, cool. Nice ability too, but why the 1 toughness. He costs 3 mana. Sorry, but 1 toughness for 3 mana sucks. Other than that, I like him.

Gang of Devils: A very nice multi-player card. Decent in 2 player too, but we all wish he cost 5 instead of 6, right? But 3 damage, divided as you choose is strong & since Pitchburn Devils cost 5... Well, maybe 3 & 2 red would've been better.

Guise of Fire: Hmmm... I'm trying to figure out which is best... play this on my creature or my opponents. Guess it depends on what creatures I & my opponent have in play, which makes this card quite interesting. I can see this working pretty well on Bloodcrazed Neonate, once his toughness goes up, but I "think" it'll be used more on your opponents creatures, whether to kill them, due to their 1 toughness, or to force them into an attack that they don't want to make. For those reasons I think this is a decent card.

Hanweir Lancer: Nice simple card with a nice ability. Very effective in limited, that's for sure. Good common card.

Havengul Vampire: Okay, we have a Havengul Human Wizard, a Zombie Wizard & now a Vampire. Interesting. He's pretty cool. Like Lumberknot, he could get huge rather quickly.

Heirs of Stromkirk: Great common card. I think red really needed a creature like this too. A potential game winner. Cool.

Hound of Griselbrand: Okay, now this guy is a badass. Hits for 4 & when he dies he comes back hitting for 6? OUCH! Nice to see red getting some serious hitters like this. I'd consider him for constructed.

Kessig Malcontents: Fun card. I love the concept. I love how they're using all the names in this set (Kessig, Griselbrand, etc.) A bunch of malcontents come on the scene & start off by smashing you in your face. Exactly. Yet, one hit & they're gone. Cowards - lol

Kruin Striker: Another very nice card. How about that card that puts 10 human tokens onto the battlefield, or Spider Spawning? Where I come from we call that FUN! : )

Lightning Mauler: Nice! A simple card with a good ability. Just think if this is the 2nd. creature you played this turn. Oh yeah. Red is looking good.

Lightning Prowess: Nah, don't like it. 3 mana to give your creature haste? When will that come into play? Okay, late game, maybe. So let me fix this. Look at the flavor text. Cost R Enchanted creature has haste (Nice!) & RR tap: This creature deals 1 damage to target creature or player or 3 damage to a Zombie. I like it. What do you think?

Mad Prophet: Call me nuts, but I think Mad Prophet is awesome, both in the theme, the flavor text & his ability, along with the cost, though why this loon is a 2/2 is beyond me - lol. This is a looter effect in reverse, but I believe if you have 0 cards in hand this still works, yes? (maybe I "have" to discard a card in order to draw a card?) Regardless, he's still good because he's got Haste. I think he'll see lots of play, maybe even in constructed.

Malicious Intent: I love Malicious Intent. Yes, the cool art has a lot to do with it, but this is a really fun ability to play in limited. Talk about frustrating your opponent. It's yet another interesting & unique use of this ability. Very cool.

Malignus: Will this card see constructed? I'm gonna guess no, but I hope it does, cause I think Malignus is a pretty cool card. In multi-player he's a no brainer, but I'm pretty certain I'd draft him in limited too. I don't think he'll see constructed because when your opponents life gets low, he becomes pretty useless. If his power & toughness were 3+, then maybe. Would that be too powerful? Maybe, but I don't think it would be in constructed. Oh well. How about playing this guy against a life deck. "I'll attack with my 40/40 Malignus, who's damage can't be prevented". Sideboard anyone?

Pillar of Flame: Awesome. It's Shock with a beatstick - lol. I'm guessing this will be the end of Shock? Or will they let red have both? We'll see, won't we.

Raging Poltergeist: Okay, it's a red spirit. Fine. It has 6 power for just 5 mana. Sure. I still hate it. Oh wait, I have to make it better, right, cause that's what I do with cards I don't like. Oh okay, fine! He's a Spirit. He's a Raging Poltergeist. Read the flavor text. He's a 6/4 for 5 mana. "As an additional cost to play Raging Poltergeist, exile a creature from your graveyard. If Raging Poltergeist is in your graveyard, you may exile a creature from your graveyard to return him to your hand." See, that wasn't so hard. It just takes a little thought. That took about 1 minute. Not even, actually - lol. What do you think? : )

Riot Ringleader: He's Hamlet Captain light - lol, but he's common, so cool. I like his shield too. I'd like to have it hanging on my wall. How cool would that be.

Reforge the Soul: It's Wheel of Fortune for 5. I thought Wheel was considered too powerful, which is why you haven't seen it again, yes? Well I'll gladly pay 5 to have all players discard their hand & draw 7 cards. Thank you very much. Oh look, it's a miracle. Mill, Burning Vengeance, what else? Heck, what deck wouldn't this card be good in? ; )

Rite of Ruin: This is one of those fun expensive cards that probably won't see much play at all, but I kinda like this one more than most. I'd definitely play it in multi-player, but still mostly just for fun.

Rush of Blood: Cool. There are plenty of cards that have abilities keyed to their current power, some right here in Avacyn, so this card will be very useful with those creatures. Neat card.

Scalding Devil: He starts off weaker than Goblin Fireslinger & he costs 1 more mana, so not so good, but in the mid to late game he's potentially more powerful & thus very dangerous. Don't underestimate this little devil or he'll whack you good. : )

Somberwald Vigilante: I love it. You block me, I kill you. Oh no, I just made him into the human version of Achmed - lol. Somberwald Vigilante gets blocked by the gigantic Raging Poltergeist. Down goes Raging Poltergeist! Down goes Raging Poltergeist! Okay, I'll stop.

Stonewright: A 1/1 for 1 that can pump? That's pretty insane, yes? I "hope" this creature doesn't cause some serious problems. Since it only works with Soulbound, I "think" it'll be just fine. Hope I'm right.

Thatcher Revolt: What are we doing here; leading lambs to slaughter? How cruel. Effective yes, but sheesh. Well, if they're gonna die anyway, might as well go out in glory, right? : )

Thunderbolt: Another repeat. Belongs in M12. Am I wrong about that? Is it better to put some of these cards in the current set, instead of the current core set? Let me know. I'm curious what others think about this.

Thunderous Wrath: 5 damage to creature or player for 6 mana. Eh. Not so good. 1 mana? Yep... it's another miracle. Talk about your unbelievably lucky topdeck.

Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded: I think this is the weakest planeswalker yet? (yes, I'm asking) I love that we have a 2 mana cost planeswalker. I'm glad he only starts with 2 loyalty counters; seeing that he only costs 2 mana. However, you have to use his first ability, which I don't think is all that good, 3 times in order to safely use his second ability, which may or may not be worth it. His last ability is awesome. If anyone ever actually plays it though, let me know, okay? Thanks. : )

Tyrant of Discord: Yes, I'm putting a 7/7 creature for 7 mana in bold. I wonder how this will be done if your opponent has a lot of tokens in play. Well, if you're using cards for the tokens, it shouldn't be a problem, but if you're using actual tokens? Why in bold? Because here you have a Fire Elemental who really can do what you'd think a Fire Elemental would do. Burn everything in sight, potentially. How cool is that?

Uncanny Speed: I think I'd use this more as a combat trick & play it after blockers are set. Then again, playing it on a creature that you know can attacked unblocked? Yeah, that works well too.

Vexing Devil: Now you're saying "oh come on Scott, you're putting this awesome powerful creature in italics? Why?" Because he's freaking ridiculous, that's why. Look, I play him on turn 1. You're most likely gonna take 4 damage instead, unless you feel very confident you can kill him. If you fail, oh well. So now I've just hit you for 4 on turn 1. Turn 2, I play another Vexing Devil, or maybe 2 (okay, now we're dealing with constructed & not limited, obviously). Maybe in limited he might be okay, but in constructed do you want me to be able to play this guy on turn 1 & 1 or 2 more on turn 2? How about bringing him back from the graveyard to my hand or back into play? Are you seeing a serious problem here? If I'm wrong, please explain to me how this is "not" overly powerful. 

Vigilante Justice: Good card. Glad it costs 4. Using a red enchantment for a human deck is good too, though I see plenty of red humans in Avacyn. Looks like somebody ticked them off - lol.

Zealous Conscripts: Oh yeah. Very cool. Just more red humans, kicking butt & taking names. Love it. Don't think she'll make constructed, but I'm pretty sure she'll do quite well in limited.


Abundant Growth: Surely this is a great card, which will see constructed play as well as limited. 1 mana & you get to draw a card & your land is now effectively a City of Brass without damage? If this card doesn't get serious play, I'll be shocked.

Blessings of Nature: Naturally the Miracle cost is amazing. 5 mana for 4 +1/+1 counters? Not great, but not too bad. Love the art, as always.

Borderland Ranger: He was in M10. So they clearly said lets not include him in M12. But then they say lets put him in Avacyn. I don't get it.

Bower Passage: YES! Non-flying creature: "I hate that we can't block flyers. They have such an advantage over us". Other non-flying creature: "Welcome to Bower Passage. Now "they" can't block us either". Flying creatures: "What the heck?!!" Gotta love it.

Champion of Lambholt: Another awesome creature. The Innistrad block has all kinds of Lords. Hamlet Captain - human lord, Drogskol Captain - spirit lord, etc. Now we have Champion of Lambholt - Lord for any & all creatures. Awesome.

Craterhoof Behemoth: So at the very worst Craterhoof is a 6/6 Trample Haste for 8 mana. At the very best he's Overrun on steroids. Can you say, game over?

Diregraf Escort: Okay. I almost put him in italics, cause he's pretty weak, but the art (as usual), the name & the theme are perfect, so I can't. He's nicely designed, just not very useful in most circumstances. Good for sideboard for limited at least.

Descendants' Path: Similar to Call to the Kindred, yet very different in some ways too. Weaker in some & stronger in others. A very interesting card, that's for sure. I think in the right deck, these cards could be very powerful.

Druid's Familiar: Okay, so he hopefully comes into play as a 4/4 for 4, which is very good. Another creature also gets +2/+2 in addition, which is also very good. But if that other creature is removed from play, he's now just a 2/2 for 4. That's the one issue with Soulbound, but I think that's the way it should be. Potentially good. Sometimes you need a little luck, but strategy also can come into play a great deal, especially with all the bouncing effects of this set.

Druids' Repository: A potentially deadly card. I'm very concerned about the "potential" power level of this card. Normally it should be a very nice strong card, but imagine if you attack with 5 or more creatures. Now you've got 5 mana available, in any combination of colors, in addition to whatever amount of mana you're normally capable of producing. Those cards with X in their cost are salivating right now, let alone those crazy gold & expensive cards.

Eaten by Spiders: This card gets bold simply for its name. I really like that they destroy equipment too, but I'm not sure I get the flavor text. Some undead are flyers, but most aren't. I don't get it.

Flowering Lumberknot: Very interesting card. Very limited in its use though, so I think if it cost 3, instead of 4, I might've put it in bold.

Geist Trappers: I'd hardly call these folk Geist Trappers. Geist Fighters maybe, but trappers? Having Reach makes you a Geist Trapper? Um no, it doesn't.

Grounded: Wow. There's nothing wrong with this ability. It's perfectly fine, actually, but how many times have we seen this? Tons. How many times does it get played? Few. Why does it cost 2 mana instead of 1? Well clearly it's because it would be "too powerful" if it only cost 1... right???

Gloomwidow: When I first saw the name I thought this Spider was gonna kick ass, but I see it's just a 3/3 Spider. Oh well. Yes, a 3/3 Spider for 3 is very good, which is the only reason he's not in italics. If it was a 3/4, it would be even better. Why a Spider named Gloomwidow doesn't have an ability though? Your guess is as good as mine.

Howlgeist: Good card. 6 mana is a lot, but the cost is correct. Creatures with power of 3 or less can't block him. That's strong. If you kill him, now power 4 or less can't. Having a Spirit Wolf is also very interesting. I think Howlgeist is going to cause a whole lotta problems in limited.

Joint Assault: Very nice synergy with Soulbound, giving you 4 more points of damage for 1 green mana. Nothing wrong with that.

Lair Delve: Reveal the top 2 cards of your library? 2? Just 2? I don't see this card being played much as I don't think it's very effective. Maybe it's okay, but I think it should say 3 cards, not 2, or maybe only cost 2 green?

Natural End: Another boring card that I feel is just not necessary in this set. There's plenty of ways to gain life & destroy artifacts & enchantments. Did we really need another generic card like this?

Nettle Swine: Another unnecessary vanilla creature. Again, I see no reason to add more generic cards. What need is there for them in this set? Aren't there already enough of them? What's the point in making more generic cards in each & every set of cards that comes out? How about this... make Nettle Swine a 2/2 & say he gets +1/+1 for each other Boar that you have in play. That's one idea, anyway. Now at least Boars are a little more interesting.

Nightshade Peddler: There's only 1 reason I put this card in italics. He's a Druid with Deathtouch. Ya know... I hate Druids. They're always going around killing everything they come in contact with. They just hate life so much. They're just so darn evil. I wish they cared more about nature & in preserving life. Druids. What are ya gonna do with them? Seriously WotC? Are you freaking kidding me? He should be black & be a wizard or a cleric, or something. If you want a green human to have deathtouch, the "last" thing he should be is a Druid. Sheesh!

Pathbreaker Wurm: Okay, now Green is really starting to tick me off. What's going on? Was Green "too powerful"? Those darn Werewolves were just too much for the game, huh? If I see another 6/4 Wurm for 6, so help me. See, this is the problem with magic. They come up with a cool ability (Soulbound) & then they just copy the same concepts with it. To a point, I get that, but enough is enough already.

Primal Surge: What to make of this card. It's potentially insane, but it's also potentially pointless. 10 mana for something that might not work? Not a chance. Surely you'd never consider such a card unless you knew you'd get something out of it. With ramp, 10 mana is certainly reachable. Emrakul proved that, but do you want 4 Rampant Growths in a deck with Primal Surge? Only if I had a way to look at cards & put them back in any order, which I do, so this card "might" see some play at times, but it'll be pretty rare I bet.

Rain of Thorns: This is a decent sideboard card. If you destroy 3 cards, it's awesome; totally worth the 6 mana. Even 2 is decent, but that's about it. Just an okay card.

Revenge of the Hunted: Even at 6 mana I'd have no problem playing this card. The Miracle cost is insane, but aren't they all? Will Miracle cards make constructed? Not sure, but I'm thinking some will. Will they see play in limited? I'm fairly certain they will. I think they'll be pretty strong in limited too, miracle or no miracle.

Sheltering Word: I think Ranger's Guile is the best of this type of card. The 1 mana cost is awesome. I have 4 in my Werewolf deck. Can't imagine not having them. This card is also good. 2 mana is fine & the lifegain is nice, no doubt. I'm guessing this won't get played as much as Ranger's Guile, simply because of the extra mana cost.

Snare the Skies: A simple combat trick that's effective enough simply because it allows you to block a flyer. Decent card.

Somberwald Sage: I would've made her cost double green, but this is potentially one powerful card, that's for sure. Oh look, she's a Druid. Huh. Well whaddya know. A Druid who actually acts like a Druid.

Soul of the Harvest: Another good 6 mana cost rare card, unlike those (oh okay, I'll let it go - lol). 6/6 Trample for 6 & everytime you play a creature card you may draw a card? Nice. Good card.

Terrifying Presence: Another nice common card. Fog+ for 1 more mana. The potential to win a game, or even turn a game around, with this card should be pretty clear.

Timberland Guide: Okay, this is a great card. Why? Simple. One word. Undying. I'll leave it at that.

Triumph of Ferocity: I wonder why there's only a Black Triumph card & a Green one. Why not Red, Blue & White? Well, this is very cool though. If you make a black/green deck & get both in play working, I'm fairly certain you're going to win. Garruk: "I'm tired of you witch. You're going down" Liliana: "Apparently you don't notice this fire that's in my hand". No, I said witch. ; )

Trusted Forcemage: Man this card looks awesome. It's ability is fine, but nothing great. Just a simple decent common for green.

Ulvenwald Tracker: Yes, very cool. A Shaman. I think that's good. So if Nightshade Peddler was a Shaman, would it make sense? I think so. This is a great ability cause it's similar to Daybreak Ranger's fight ability, yet just different enough to keep things interesting. Very cool card.

Vorstclaw: He's a boring vanilla creature so I should put him in italics, but it's the words in italics that saved him - lol. Too funny.

Wandering Wolf: So what do you do with a boring vanilla creature? Simple. You give it an interesting ability. I almost put him in bold, simply because I think his ability is really good, but I don't like the 1 toughness on a Wolf. The weakest Wolf should have a toughness of 2, don't'cha think? ; )

Wild Defiance: Awesome Enchantment. Just awesome. Have fun trying to kill my creatures with your red instants & sorceries, but if you do succeed, I'll just play Ranger's Guile, or Joint Assault, or... heh heh heh. Love that Garruk is in the picture & the flavor text too.

Wildwood Geist: Nice try but this Geist isn't worth your time. +3/+3? Ah, now I'm somewhat interested. How about a 4 mana cost 3/3 that gets +2/+2. Yes! Now we're talkin'. Think about it this way... Hollowhenge Beast (a 5/5 for 5) or Wildwood Geist (a 3/3 for 5 that's a 5/5 when it's your turn). If you still don't get it...? I can't help you.

Wolfir Avenger: Oh yeah. See... a 3/3 for 3. Strong but boring. Give it flash... Better. Give it Regeneration. Nice! Good card. Good enough for constructed???

Wolfir Silverheart: I gotta put this guy in bold. In limited, a 4/4 for 5 is fine. With Soulbound, this guy is just the bomb. Very nice card.

Yew Spirit: Good card. A 3/3 for 5 is weak. With 4 mana available he can become a 6/6. That's good. If you happen to have 8 mana available, now he's a 12/12. Smash.


Bruna, Light of Alabaster: Okay, let me be clear. In limited Bruna is extremely powerful, but if Bruna doesn't make you play Auras in Constructed, then I seriously don't understand magic at all. Are you freaking kidding me? Read her ability again. Ya know why I didn't put her in bold? Cause I think she's way way way way way too powerful, that's why. So why didn't I put her in italics then, since I think she's too powerful. Cause her unbelievable power comes from Auras, which rarely see the light of day in constructed, that's why. Surely Bruna will make your blue/white aura constructed deck, yes???

Gisela, Blade of Goldnight: I thought about putting this insanely powerful card in italics, but I didn't because she's a mythic & she doesn't have hexproof - thank God - lol. I think her abilities are way too powerful, but since she can be killed normally, I have a feeling she'll be fine. I'd play her in constructed with Unburial Rites, that's for sure.

Sigarda, Host of Herons: Talk about a great angel for your green/white humans deck. I just love this card. Notice that her powerful ability isn't ruining my opponent. Rather, it's protecting my permanents. Constructed? Limited? I think she's good wherever.


Angelic Armaments: Probably too expensive to make constructed. It should be just fine in limited, but I think the equip cost should've been 3.

Angel's Tomb: This seems like a powerful card. A 3 cost artifact that becomes a 3/3 Flying Angel whenever you play a creature spell? Yeah, that's good. I'm pretty sure it'll make constructed too.

Bladed Bracers: Initially this artifact is pretty weak. Attached to an Angel or Human, it's a little better, but not much. How about this? Add First Strike with Vigilance. Now it's pretty good, but still only for Angels & Humans.

Conjurer's Closet: Is there a constructed deck that will utilize this artifact to it's fullest potential? Don't know, but I doubt this will see much play in limited. Interesting card though.

Gallows at Willow Hill: With Curse of Death's Hold in play, this could be a pretty cool card. You could also use it to destroy your own creature. My feeling though is you won't see much play out of this card. It seems a little clunky.

Haunted Guardian: In light of Olivia's comment I'd like to say one thing. You must be using some lousy armor girl. 1 damage & the thing falls apart? Get some better armor & I think you got somethin' ; )

Moonsilver Spear: Here we see what appears to be another ability of Avacyn's weapon. So why not either give Avacyn these abilities or have her weapon as an artifact with these abilities? But I do like this card. Might even make constructed.

Narstad Scrapper: I just don't like most constructs. They're boring & they're not very powerful at all. The pump is decent, but I'm just not impressed... at all.

Otherworld Atlas: With Underworld Dreams I think this would be a really nice artifact. Without it, it's just... eh.

Scroll of Avacyn: This is nice, mainly cause it's common. Can you see getting 2 in your deck & then having the ability to get them back in play again? 4 in a constructed deck should work quite nicely too.

Scroll of Griselbrand: Like the Scroll of Avacyn, this is nice. Would a deck with 4 of each of these work? Probably not, but I'd like to try it, just for fun. : )

Tormentor's Trident: Almost got italics cause it seems pretty generic & thus, boring, but on Invisible Stalker? Pretty good.

Vanguard's Shield: This might work well in limited. Wish the equip cost was only 2 though.

Vessel of Endless Rest: Pretty good card. Being able to get rid of a card in the graveyard can be very useful. Adding one mana of any color is always useful. Nice card.


Alchemist's Refuge: Maybe this is a good card. I'm not sure. Having to spend 2 mana, just so I can cast spells with instant speed? Hmmm... Maybe this will be really good in the late game.

Cavern of Souls: Normally I might think this land is too powerful, but with blue wreaking havoc, as usual, I'm glad to see another card that gets around counter spells. I bet you'll see this land in constructed a ton.

Desolate Lighthouse: Another wonderful card for Burning Vengeance & red/blue in general. Lots of manipulation effects with this land.

Seraph Sanctuary: I like this common land a lot. Don't know if it'll play much in either limited or constructed, but I'm expecting to see it in both formats a little bit. But I don't care if it does or not. I think it's a cool land.

Slayers' Stronghold: I don't see Haste coming into effect that often, but I do see this helping out red/white quite a bit. Wish it was uncommon, so you'd see it more, cause I don't think you'll see it in constructed.

So here's my overall impressions of Avacyn Restored. I think it's a cool final set, though, as usual - lol, I'm concerned about some cards. Blue/White seems to be the strongest, but Red & Black look quite strong for Limited, so hopefully they'll put up a good fight cause right now Blue/White looks to be the strongest in Limited too. I was a little disappointed in Green, as you noticed, but I'm sure Green is fine, in both formats. 

I love the Innistrad block. It's definitely my favorite since Ravnica. In some ways I like it better, but in some ways I don't. Now here's hoping that bringing back Ravnica will be better, not worse, than the original. Just stop with the boring &/or lame cards Wizards... Okay? Thanks. : )

So that's it. How did I do? Did you enjoy reading this review? I really hope you'll comment & let me know. Feedback always helps & I really appreciate the support. And if you ever wanna play, let me know. Love to : )

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