Azorius, the Long Arm of the Law

Jack Chapman
Monday, September 17, 2012 - 16:00

       Spoiler season is here and we have been showered with some of the best looking cards in the past few years. There are the Golgari cards, which make the new standard format a little tricky right out of the Gates. How do you get rid of all of the zombies Golgari has at its disposal? Rakdos will disrupt both your board and your hand, not allowing you to get a sizable board position. Selesnya doesn’t seem to have many tools at the moment to really be a formidable deck, unfortunately. They do have the Smiter, yes but that is the best one so far. Izzet will do its thing and experiment with you and what you are trying to do, making it hard to really do anything without thinking of what Epic Experiment will happen next. Azorius on the other hand won’t let you break any of the rules through the clever use of board wipe and disruption. The Supreme Verdict of Isperia is always followed, even by the other guilds, no matter what the cost. I am here today to talk about Azorius Control in the new standard format we are about to get thrown into. Without further ado, here is Azorius, Long Arm of the Law:
Instant (18)
4x Azorius Charm
2x Cyclonic Rift
2x Dissipate
2x Psychic Spiral
4x Sphinx's Revelation
4x Syncopate
Sorcery (6)
4x Supreme Verdict
2x Temporal Mastery
Land (26)
2x Evolving Wilds
4x Glacial Fortress
4x Hallowed Fountain
7x Island
5x Plains
4x Reliquary Tower
Enchantment (3)
2x Detention Sphere
1x Martial Law
Planeswalker (2)
2x Jace, Architect of Thought
Creature (5)
2x Isperia, Supreme Judge
3x Snapcaster Mage

Now, you may be thinking, “Man, that’s threat light”. I have been doing some play testing with the deck and it beat Golgari Zombies almost 85% of the time. The old version of Delver, with Dungeon Geist’s in it, did pretty poorly as well. This deck has potential.
Some of the key cards in the matchups have been the Azorius Charms and the Cyclonic Rifts. Being able to set your opponents back, not only on creatures, but on card advantage is outstanding. When Zombies has to continually play its Diregraf Ghoul turn after turn, it makes for endless time bought to get to the important spells like Supreme Verdict and Sphinx’s Revelation.
The Psychic Spirals make for an indefinite library as well as a win condition.  Jace is just good.  Being able to kill any token deck should one arise by just using his +1 is amazing. Goodbye Lingering Souls. His -2 is pretty epic, either letting you draw one, two, or three, depending on how your opponent arranges the cards. This kind of effect is exactly what we want when we need to find an answer to a threat.
This deck is a lot of fun and if you like playing control, I would suggest this deck or some form of a Grixis deck. The reason this deck is looking good is because of its versatility. You can do so many different things with it and have it still be the same deck. I will be working on a Grixis Control here soon but I first want to try out Azorius Control for a little while.

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